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7 Ladies Essentials You Need In Your Closet

Every woman needs to have a few key essentials in her closet. These are the items that will make your life easier and more stylish. If you want to look great from day to night without breaking the bank, as a woman, here are the 7 ladies essentials you need in your closet.

A Pair of Jeans

When it comes to ladies essentials, a good pair of jeans is an absolute must. A great fitting pair of jeans can be worn at any time, and for any occasion. This is because jeans are both stylish and versatile. The right pair of jeans can be worn to an executive meeting at the office, or to a night out with friends.

The key is to find jeans that are a perfect fit for your body type. This ensures they are comfortable and highlight only your best assets.

An All Around Dress

You can never go wrong with a good all around dress. They are both stylish and functional. This means you can wear it to work, on a date, or even while running some errands.

For most women, the best all around dress is the LBD, or little black dress. This is because you can wear it with just about anything. From heels, to flats, to sandals, the little black dress can work with any look.

Just like a pair of jeans, the little black dress is a great investment because you can wear it for many different occasions, and in a variety of different styles.

A Great Pair of Shoes

You should never underestimate the power of a great pair of shoes. It doesn’t matter if you are going to the prom, or on a family vacation, the right pair of shoes will make your outfit come to life. The right shoe can turn a basic pair of jeans into a chic fashionable look. Avoid getting shoes that are too colorful. You want something basic yet stylish.

A Scarf

A scarf provides you with a simple way to add some color and pattern into your wardrobe. The great thing about scarves is how many different ways you can wear them. You can either loop them around your neck, or drape them over your shoulders for that added pop!

A Basic Tee

Of all the ladies essentials, the basic tee is the one women tend to overlook. A basic tee is the perfect go-to piece in any woman’s wardrobe. You can pair it with work clothes for a casual office look, or with something more sexy for an evening date night with that special someone. To really make it pop, consider tucking it into a skirt or pair of jeans.

A Great Coat

Please do not forget about a coat ladies! They can be worn in any season and can easily transition from work to play.  Coats are extremely versatile and can be worn with almost anything.

You don’t need anything fancy, just a simple coat that will keep you warm and dry. Try to stick with basic colors as that will make it easier to pair with multiple outfits.

A Stylish Bag

This is an important item for every woman. A good quality handbag will make life easier. Not only will it provide you with a place to store your essentials, but it can also make your outfit complete.

When looking for a stylish handbag, make sure you do your research and find out what you really want and need. For example, does the bag need to be practical? Does it need to be something you can take to work?

The key is to get a handbag that is functional and can be paired with a variety of different looks. You will also want to consider how much of an investment you are willing to make.

While handbags can be expensive, there is no need to pay hundreds of dollars for one. You can find a high quality bag at an affordable price at places such as Macy’s, Nordstrom or Amazon.

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