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Hello everyone!

I hope you are doing well in this lockdown, I hope you are taking care of yourselves and remembering to hydrate and take those walks and runs i.e. exercise. This blogpost is for my best 10 netflix series to binge watch and recommended to other movie fanatics like me out there, who spend at least an hour everyday trying to figure out what to watch. I have come as a knight in shining armour to save you time and effort!

Here are my ten most recommended movies and TV series to watch on Netflix.

1. On My Block

I imagine that you have probably heard of this series and you have ignored it because, isn’t it the same thing as every coming of age series that Netflix has?
First of all, NO.
This series had me binge watching it from when the sun set in the sky till when the sun rose and then all day again!
It is so good!
It’s not just that it addresses the struggle of people of colour that grow up in the hood, although that is a great addition, it also explores the similarities and differences of different cultures and how that influences world views and perspective.
I personally think it is one of the best series on Netflix, it is the perfect mix of comedy, tragedy, romance, coming of age and action.
I honestly love this series so much and it is the perfect series to binge watch especially during this lockdown.



2. Tidelands

I just want to use this platform to express my extreme displeasure that this series doesn’t get the exposure it should.
This series is honestly amazing. Everyone is gorgeous and for what?
This is one of those series where the plot is interesting, the cast are all extremely beautiful and from the first episode you are just absolutely hooked.
It is a fantasy series that explores the mythical sirens and a girl who has to return to her small town after incarceration to uncover all the secrets about the town and herself!
No, this is nothing like Shadow Hunters!
It is a bit explicit though and so I would recommend not watching it around kids and your parents.
Talk about awkward coughs and aversion of eyes!
Also, if anyone from Netflix is watching this, GIVE US ANOTHER SEASON!


3. One Day At a Time

I love me a series that discusses serious issues in a light-hearted manner!
This series is centred around coming of age, coming out of the closet, passive racism and a Cuban family that is learning and evolving.
The series talks about being an ethnic minority in America, capitalism and the struggles of LGBTQ+ people.
This is one series, that will always be close to my heart.
If you’re into sitcoms, you should definitely check this out!


4. Disenchantment

It is an animated series!
Before you scroll to the next one with a roll of your eyes, give me a chance to justify this choice!
I don’t think I have ever watched an animated series that I loved the way I love this series, well except Rick and Morty of course!
This series focuses on Princess Tiabeanie, who has been born into a life with her destiny decided for her.
She is a drunk, sarcastic, confused person who just wants to decide her fate for herself.
So basically, she is me.
Anyway, with the introduction of an elf, who is the epitome of happiness and good, and a demon, she goes on adventures that help her figure out who she really is.
There are plot twists, unexpected romances, dark references that should not be as funny as they are and loads of alcohol.
It is also set in the medieval era with the plague and all, which sort of feels a little familiar right now.
Ten over ten, will not recommend to kids but you should definitely give it a watch!

5. Titans

As an avid watcher of Teen Titans Go! and the animated Justice league series, this is a brilliant adaptation of DCs Teen Titans.
No, it is not animated this time!
It is a lot more realistic than any other adaptation I have ever seen and I feel like the diversity is incredible, while not completely messing up the characters.
The acting is great, the storyline is great, I think Netflix really outdid themselves on this one!
If you like Gotham and DCs Legends of Tomorrow, you will really like this one!

6. Black Lightning

So when this first came out, I was sceptical.
I was like, slapping black actors in a mediocre series isn’t going to make you seem diverse, it will just feel like you are commercialising people of colour.
However, I was wrong.
This series is absolutely amazing!
They got my girl Anne McClain, although she annoys me gravely in the series.
It is very entertaining.
It has romance, drama, tears and just that family feel good.
It is a realistic depiction of what the life of a black American hero would be like in this current day and age.
I love it, check it out and give yourself a treat!

7. Sex Education

Yes, I know Netflix has probably annoyed you with the ad for this series.
It is for good reason too!
When I first saw this series, I was like “Oh seems interesting”, but I wasn’t fully sold on it.
I was once again wrong.
I think what this experience has taught me is I should always try new things.
It is a gorgeous series and I love how it tackles the subject of sex so freely. I think it is ridiculous that there is such a stigma around sex.
Series like these are so important because they help us realise that at the end of the day, it’s just sex.
Everyone experiences it differently and some don’t experience it all, no one should ever be shamed for their sexual preference and drive.
It is educating and also has comedy, romance and that British touch that seems to make it so relatable.

8. The Umbrella Academy.

This is a masterpiece!
I stumbled upon this series by accident and Netflix’s gentle nudging, I just want to express my gratitude to Netflix for this series.
Anytime I thought the plot couldn’t get better, it got better!
It has some of my favourite actors, so maybe I am a little biased but honestly the plot was brilliant.
You get to watch how these completely different characters interact with one another and how the same situation had such a different impact on all the characters.
Although it is fantasy and Sci-Fi, it explores trauma and brilliantly expresses how people cope with it differently.
This was another series that I obsessively binge watched and I am not ashamed of it.
You should definitely check it out, you will be glad you did!

9. My Love From The Stars

Okay, I can’t lie, I was physically bullied into watching this series.
I was not upset about it though.
Korean dramas are always so good and this one did not disappoint in the slightest.
It shows how cancel culture really influences a celebrity’s life and how celebrities are humans too.
I am that one person who SOBS when watching series and this was not an exception.
It made me laugh, it made me cry and it made my heart warm.
I love everything about this series and I am probably going to watch it again because It was that good.
I will not physically bully you into watching it, like my cousin did, but I am definitely judging you for depriving yourself of the pleasure of watching this.

10. I Am Not Okay With This

The last but definitely not the least!
This series is amazing and just aesthetically pleasing to watch.
I really can’t say this enough, Netflix really did a good job with this one.
I started watching it because I was waiting for my pizza to arrive but it was actually so good and I eventually binge watched it.
I am starting to see a clear pattern.
Anyway, this series follows a troubled girl who discovers she has powers and somehow finds friendship and love along the way.
I love it!
I love the representation of lesbian panic and teenage angst.
It’s good stuff and you should definitely check it out.


Well, there you have it folks!
My list of ten binge worthy series to check out on Netflix. If you feel there are series that should have definitely made this list, recommend them in the comments and I will consider a part two! I hope you have a brilliant time watching these series and I will catch you next time!

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